Information On Pineae Gardens In Centerville Utah

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People seeking an affordable, vibrant community can choose Pineae Gardens in Centerville Utah. Unlike large homes with acres of land, many of the homes are town homes, individual family homes, and condominiums. The typical buyer is seeking a comfortable space without excess maintenance every month. Typical customers do not want to mow lawns or clean out pools. They can accept paying a small home owners association fee and have a professional perform the service.

The median price range for the homes can go from $150,000 to $165,000 dollars. This median housing price involves having a 3 bedroom residence with at least 2 bathrooms. For example, two people can decide to become roommates. Each roommates has one bedroom/bathroom unit and plenty of privacy. Depending on the unit, homeowners may have access to a community pool. Plus, there are shopping centers and parks not far from the each residence. Units on upper floors have terraces that look out over the Utah skyline.

People interested in Pineae Gardens in Centerville Utah can contact a real estate agent. Before contacting the agent, they can line up mortgage financing. Having the pre-qualified mortgage financing can ensure that they obtain one of the desired residences sooner than other purchasers.Sources

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